Replacement soundbox

The quality of our soundbox is managed and measured at the highest level– including material selection, manufacturing, QC testing, field performance, and direct customer feedback – to ensure we meet your high expectations. If your soundbox does not work when it arrives, contact customer service at connect@exceptionalheroes.com.

To err is human, so we know that accidents can happen; if your soundbox is damaged, lost, got wet, whatever the case, you may purchase a replacement soundbox- inquire for the cost through our customer services at connect@exceptionalheroes.com.


An engaging device modeled after a comforting plush animal encouraging positive interaction and emotions.


Coherent sounds enrich breathing practices for a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system. Play the sound


Aromatherapy creates soothing ambiance promoting restoration of emotional balance.


Distinct textures provide extra sensory input, alleviating stress and anxiety.

Body Awareness

Our devices come in two different weight types for effective pressure therapy.